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4 Wall +1 Swivel+1 Ceiling Occupancy Switch (Combo3)

4 Wall +1 Swivel+1 Ceiling Occupancy Switch (Combo3)
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Manufacturer part number: COMBO3
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Relay Infrared Motion Sensor Occupancy Wall, Swivel and Ceiling Switch



This new energy saving Passive Infrared wall switch utilizes an integrated circuit manufactured with the latest surface mount technology, has excellent detection sensitivity and a rapid response time. Its design incorporates automatism, convenience, safety, energy-saving and practical functions. The wide detection range senses an up, down, left and right field of motion. It works by seeing human body heat in motion via infrared rays. It is designed to replace an existing wall switch for interior lighting. It can start the controlled output load (light) immediately when a person crosses the detection field and it will not switch on unless the room is dark or dimly lit. The unit incorporates a simple three wire installation, a status indicator LED light and built-in photocell.


 - This switch controls: incandescent bulbs, compact florescent bulbs (CFL) and florescent fixtures with Electronic Ballast.
 - Relay motion sensor occupancy switch. No flickering with CFL and Florescent Bulbs with Electronic Ballast.
 - Power frequency: 50~60Hz
 - Control light: <3 LUX ~ 2000 Lux (Adjustable)
 - Time-Delay: Minimum:8sec±3sec to a Maximum:7min±2min
 - Power source: 100V/AC~130V/AC <=> 220V/AC~240V/AC
 - 1200W(220V/AC~240V/AC) - 800W(100V/AC~130V/AC)
  - Power consumption:0.45W(static 0.1W)
 - Detection range: 180°
 - Detection distance: 12 meters maximum at less than 24°C
 - Working temperature:-20 to 40°C
 - Working humidity: Less than 93% Relative Humidity
 - Suggested Installation height: 0.5 meter to 3.5 meters
 - Detection motion speed: 0.6 to 1.5 meters per second


   - The detection distance can be adjusted: The detection distance is near if you press down the switch, otherwise it is far;
   - It can identify day and night automatically: The working ambient light of the sensor can be adjusted. When you turn it to the sunshine (largest), it can work day and night while it can only work in the circumstance less than 3 Lux If you turn it to moon (smallest). Please refer to the testing paragraph about the adjustment
   - Power and detection indication: The indicator lamp flashes one time each 4sec after switching on the power. It can flash 2 times each 1sec after detecting motion signal so it can show if the detection and power are normal.
   - Time-delay added continually: When it receives the second motion signal, after the first, it should add the time-delay to the remaining of the first time-delay basis.
   - Time-delay adjustment: The working time-delay can be adjusted according to the customer desire. The minimum time is 8sec±3sec and the maximum is 7min±2min.
   - Locking function: during work the sensor will keep load lighting when power is shut off  for 2 seconds and then on. When power is shut off for 4 seconds and then on, sensor will resume automation.

                               Correct moving orientation----------------------------------- incorrect moving orientation

Installation (see the following diagram)

    Shut off the main power;
    Twist open the screw on the base-lid, pull on the wiring hole, put the power and load wire into the base-lid;
    Fix the base-lid with the dilatability screw on the selected installation position;
    Put the power and load wire into the sensor according to the indication diagram;
    Fix the sensor on the base-lid, twist the screw tightly then you could electrify it to test;     


Connection-wire diagram


    Turn the light control knob to the largest anti-clockwise (LUX); turn the time knob clockwise to smallest.
    Turn on the power, the controlled load should not work, and the indicator lamp flash 1 time each 4sec;the load would work within 5~10sec and the indicator lamp flash 2 times each 1 sec. If there are no induction signals, the load should stop working within 5~30sec,the indicator lamp should resume to flash 1 time each 4sec;
    It will induct within 5-10sec again after the first is out, the load should work and the indicator lamp flash 2 times every 1sec,the load stop working within 5-15sec;
    Turn the LUX knob to the smallest anti-clockwise. If you test it in the ambient light more than 3LUX,the sensor load shouldn't work after load stop working; if you cover the detector window with the opaque objects (towel etc), the load should work. Under no induction signals condition, it is normal the load stop working within 5-15sec.
    Attention: It must be 5sec till the second induction after the first induction and the load stop working, while it doesn't need separated time when it inducts continually if the load doesn't stop working.


    Only an electrician should install it.
    There should be no objects blocking the detection window
    Avoid installing it near an area where high temperature fluctuations occur, for example: air condition, central heating etc.
    For your safety do not open the sensor. There are no user serviceable parts inside.
    Motion sensitivity increases closer to the sensor.


1. In the case where the light(s) connected to the sensor won’t switch on: .
a. If the LED light is flashing check the load (light) or the switch connections, if the LED light is not flashing at all please check the power, the main fuse or circuit breaker.
b. Please check if the room lighting is low level and within the 10 LUX threshold.

2. In the case that the sensitivity is poor:
a. Please check if the front of the detection window is somehow blocked.
b. Please check the ambient temperature.
c. Please check if the movement source is within range of the sensor.
d. Please check the installation height.
e. Please check if the direction of movement is perpendicular to the sensor switch.

3. In the case where the output load will not shut off:
a. Please check if there is anything emitting heat and also moving air in the detection field.
b. Pleased check the time delay relative to the last detected motion within range.
c. Please ensure that the power is within the operating range.
e. Mirrors can reflect motion in the sensor view, check to see if the sensor is facing a mirror and if the mirror is facing some moving warm object.

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